Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Prior Reunion

My renewed interest in our Miller history resulted in a reorganized closet in the search of my old records and pictures.  I hit pay dirt in one respect; I came across some pictures that I got from Mom (Mary Kathaleen) that I completely forgot about.  (I'm still looking for the article about James Lewis' death).

I also uncovered several other treasures that I'll share soon.  But, I want to share this picture that Mom said was taken at a previous reunion.  These are the children (except Velma) and wife of Colquit Miller.  If anyone knows more about this, please share with us.  Is the building in the background the New Hope church?

This was written on the back of the photo:


  1. Tanya, that is the old New Hope church as I remember it. One fond memory I have of it is the sound of the singing in that church, real, honest, beautiful. Like listening to Granddaddy Miller whistling from across the road in my house. Great job on the blog.

    -Linda Mitchell

  2. Claudia RogersNovember 21, 2011

    Look at all those smiling Millers! I love that picture!