Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Millers in Love - Still Waiting for Those Submissions!!

What a great day!  Mom (Kathaleen) and I spent an exhausting day at the Washington County Courthouse searching for Marriage Licenses.  Thank goodness most of our Miller ancesters were married in the same county!  We came away with copies of 19 licenses (some from my Simmons side of the family).  I'll be posting copies of those licenses soon. 

We also attended the "First Tuesday" luncheon of the Vernon High School Alumni Association.  Mr. Perry Wells offered to open the Washington County Historical Society Museum for those that wished to stop by.  What a great place!  Lots of historical photos, news articles, ledgers, furniture, farming implements, etc.  I guess I was so awestruck at their collection I didn't even think to take pictures! 

They also had a collection of funeral home documents and copies of obituaries.  I will definitely be back to search through those documents and make copies.

Here's the link for the Washington County Historical Society:  http://www.exploresouthernhistory.com/washingtoncounty.html

If you're in Chipley, stop by and see them. 

As for the "Millers in Love" junk I mean submissions ("junk" was Joe's term and when he said it today I had to laugh because it was the perfect male response!!), don't think you need to give me a novel about you or your Millers.  Just a picture or the date of the ceremony will do fine.  If I have a copy of the Marriage License, I'll add that to the post also.

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