Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday - Vera Miller Grant

Vera Miller Grant was the second oldest child of Colquitt and Amanda Miller.
Vera Miller Grant
"Love Lives on in God's Care"

New Hope Methodist Church Cemetery
New Hope, Washington County, Florida


  1. Vera Darlene Miller.
    Aunt Vera and Aunt Juanita lived next to us in Vernon. They both were very kind to me and supported the many causes that I worked at in school. They bought books, magazines, raffle tickets, etc. They even bought candy...even though they were both diabetics.
    Aunt Vera made the best chocolate cake ever. It was a 2 layer yellow cake with homemade chocolate icing. She would make one when cousin Artie would come to visit her. She also made great pancakes that were thin and golden and covered the whole plate.
    I remember Aunt Vera dipping snuff, although I don't remember the brand. I remember her doing a lot of reading. I never knew her to drive a car in my lifetime, although she probably had.
    Aunt Vera's house was where visiting family stayed. Aunt Zelma and Uncle Curly stayed there alot. Aunt Velma and Uncle Tex would stay there too. Thelton and Artie came over there alot.
    After Aunt Vera and Aunt Juanita died, other family members lived in the old house. My cousin Stacey, her sister Kim, and one time my cousin Joey Register stayed there awhile. Thqat old house is torn down now...but I will always cherish those years that I lived next door to Aunt Vera and Aunt Juanita.

  2. Awww, dear sweet Aunt Vee. My sisters and I were able to visit her and Aunt Nita more often when they lived "in the country" (Harris Cty, GA) on Uncle Buck and Aunt Vida's property. Aunt Vee LOVED to fish. I remember one time Grandma (Zelma) and Aunt Vee took Artie, me, and my sisters fishing. Momma (Patricia Ann) took video (the old 8mm silent video) of us. Aunt Vee and Grandmas turned up 2 5 gallon buckets to sit on and did some serious fishing. All the while, we kids played at it. Well...Artie was a little more serious than we girls. But to take up for the girls....the dresses Momma had us in hindered our fishing.

    I believe, and correct me if I am wrong, but the old house that Aunt Vee and Aunt Nita lived in Vernon, wasn't it part of the old homestead and moved up to Uncle RC and Aunt Madeline's property?