Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How did James Lewis Miller Die?

At the 2011 Miller Reunion, during our "business meeting", this question was asked of Kelly.  Here's a copy of the newspaper article in The Chipley Banner about James Lewis:

I would love to know what my 2nd great grandfather spoke about - what was he so passionate about that caused a heart attack?


  1. Boy would I love to know too.

    From reading this, its hard to tell whether my great grandfather was Populist or Republican. Does anyone know?

    It is probably from JL that I get my political passion......but I think we might have been opposites. LOL

    Family can love each other very much and still agree to disagree!

  2. I think that he supported the Populist Party. James Lewis Miller was a great man. He endured a lot of hardships in his too short life. I wish that his grandchildren could have known him; and then told us about him.