Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday, Rosewell C. and Madeline R. Miller

 Rosewell C. Miller was the fourth child of Colquitt and Amanda.  I always knew him as Uncle Dick but others called him RC.  I think Uncle Dick was quite a character and Aunt Madeline did her best to keep him in line!  Aunt Madeline and Uncle Dick had been married 59 years.

Rosewell C.
Nov. 19, 1905
Aug. 21, 1992

Madeline R.
Mar. 24, 1914
Jan. 10, 2008

Wed Apr. 15, 1933

New Hope Methodist Church Cemetery
New Hope, Washington County, Florida


  1. Uncle RC and Aunt Madeline...what sweet people they were.

    I didn't know that Uncle RC was also called Dick! I've always wondered who Uncle Dick was.

    I can not think of one time I ever saw Uncle RC without his pipe and he was another Miller brother that Grandpa (Kurley Weadon) would always go fishing with.

    I also remember the big yard sales that my grandparents (Kurley and Zelma), Aunt Nita, Uncle RC, and Aunt Madeline would have in front of Uncle RC's and Aunt Madeline's house. There is a huge tree that shaded nearly the whole front yard and cars coming off the highway could get into their drive a lot easier than the drive for Aunt Nita's house.

    And last but not least! I remember Kelly. My grandparents thought a lot of Kelly and never hesitated to tell anyone. I can almost hear my grandpa saying "He's a good kid."

  2. Of course, I don't know why they thought Kelly was a good kid! I always thought he was a meany! *grin*

    Just kidding ya, Kel!