Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday - Vida Rucker King and Richard E. Rucker

Vida (Miller) Rucker King was the third oldest child of Colquitt and Amanda Miller.

Vida (Miller) Rucker King
B:  Dec. 13, 1903
D:  Oct. 19, 1977

Richard E. ("Buck) Rucker
B:  Sept. 24, 1901
D: Mar. 17, 1972

Parkhill Cemetery
Columbus, GA


  1. I don't have a lot of childhood memories of Aunt Vida and Uncle Buck. The home they had in Harris County, GA had at least 3 lakes on the property and they opened it up to the family in the name of the great art of fishing. LOL

    In my young adult years, I remember visiting her in the hospital before she passed away. Her daughter, Katherine, was there.

  2. I remember when Uncle Buck and Aunt Vida moved to Vernon for a few years. They would come down to the house and play dominoes with Grandma and Granddaddy. Apparently Uncle Buck was very competitve at this game. My Grandma was aggrivated because "Buck Rucker already knows what dominoes everybody has!"
    I remember Aunt Vida being one of the shortest Miller girls. I also remember that they always had a big car. They had a Buick Electra 225 while in Vernon.