Sunday, January 29, 2012

Millers in Love - Call for Submissions

This is another shout out to all our Miller relatives!  I previously made an announcement here to challenge all of you to submit your stories about how you or your ancestors met, courted, fell in love and married for special posts for February.  Mary Alice was quick to respond with her own story ~ thanks so much Mary!!

If you don't know how they met, a wedding picture or just a newspaper announcement will work just fine.   Really, even if you don't have that, certainly you know they did get married!  Just a tidbit about their wedding day or honeymoon would be perfect.

I have a few items that I can share - wedding pictures of my grandparents (Warren and Thelma) and my parents (Bruce and Kat), but I need lots more!!  Please e-mail me at and let me know what you have!

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  1. I haven't forgotten Tanya. I've been really busy here lately but I will get my stuff together. I talked to my sisters yesterday about this blog and I hope they will chime in soon. This is so much fun.