Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Millers in Love ~ A Valentine's Day Challenge

This is a challenge to all family members.  In recognition of Valentine's Day, I would like to post our Miller love stories!  Between now and February 1, I would like each of you to write a short story describing how you or your Miller parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, really any Miller family member found each other, courted, fell in love and married.  If all you  have is a wedding picture or even a newspaper announcement, that would be great also. 

To give you an example, here is a recitation by Grandaddy (Warren Miller) and how he found Granny (Thelma):
In June, 1922, I went to Gore, Oklahoma to build a bridge across the Arkansas River.  I first stayed in Gore, Oklahoma and in July, 1922, I moved across the river to Webbers Fall, Oklahoma.  I was living with Mr. John Wooly and his wife Mrs. Alma Wooly and they was sure fine people.
In August 22, 1922 I was invited to a young lady's birthday party.  It was her 18th birthday.  I met her and her name was Thelma T. Tittle.  So I dated and courted her until March 14, 1923.  We got married on March 14, 1923, at Muscogee, Oklahoma.  We continued to live with Mr. and Mrs. Wolly until the last of April 1923.  We went to Lawrenceville, Illinois.
Direct and to the point ~ that was Grandaddy!!  But, what great information he provided.  He wrote quite a bit more that some of you may have seen at prior reunions and I'll definitely share here soon.

Gather up your stories, pictures, documents and anything else you care to share for our Valentine month postings!  I need everyone's help to get these stories out there!!  E-mail them to me at  If you have a picture or document that's not scanned, let me know and we'll figure out how to get it done so we can post it.  If you know a relative that's not following the blog or doesn't use the computer, then submit their story for them.  It would be great if we could amass enough stories for each day in February!!

By the way, I have several marriage certificates I ordered from the Washington County Clerk's office several years back and will share those during February.


  1. Ohhh great fun, Tanya! I'll get to work on it this weekend.

  2. Woo hoo!! Thanks so much Claudia!